We’re here to help you launch a NeighborLink in your city.

NeighborLink Network was formed in 2008 to help cities around the United States leverage technology by using our web platform. Through NeighborLink, churches, businesses, civic groups, and concerned neighbors are empowered to help those how have fallen through the cracks of social services.

Currently, eight U.S. cities are mobilizing neighbors with the purpose of providing practical, neighbor-to-neighbor expressions of God’s love through the NeighborLink Network.

How We Work


Tangible needs are posted to the website by those in need, partnering agencies, or by NeighborLink staff. We encourage anyone that has a need beyond their financial or physical ability to seek assistance from their neighbors. A need unknown is a need that cannot be met.


Volunteers that have registered and been approved by NeighborLink administration search the projects to find the project that best suits them. Volunteers can choose based on project type, proximity to their home, and a number of other options that meet the level of commitment they’re able to make. Volunteers work directly with the neighbor in need to organize the project.


Once a project is selected and committed to, Volunteers begin organizing the project with the group of people they’re planning this project with. If a Volunteer needs additional volunteers or volunteers with certain skills, they can use the website to solicit additional support from other NeighborLink volunteers through a number of connecting tools.


Need funds for the project? We’ve built our own crowdfunding tool that gives Volunteers the ability to fundraise for their project.


Today is the day. Volunteers ready to show God’s love through tangible acts of kindness bring their tools and get to work loving their neighbor in need. Relationships over projects are one of the core philosophies that NeighborLink was built upon. We encourage our volunteers to include the neighbor in need, as much as possible, or simply add a few extra volunteers to their team who spend all their time getting to know the neighbor.


Projects get completed, fellowship has been had, and new relationships with your neighbors have been formed. Do enough of these projects and neighborhoods can and will transform into more connected places to live.

Our Affiliates

An individual or a group of people who have a history of performing similar work as existing NeighborLink locations get together and decide they want to expand their efforts.

They contact local churches, social service organizations, and neighborhood associations to determine the level of need in the community and the desires of partners who can take on projects.

Once they feel sure NeighborLink could be sustained on a practical project level, they begin work on establishing a nonprofit organization.


Each NeighborLink is it’s separate 501c3 organization with its own board of directors and executive director. We require that the board be made up of people from 3-5 different churches, commit to providing financial support to cover startup fees, and appoint a director before we'll move forward with starting a new city.

NeighborLink Network staff works with each new city closely during the launch phase and would be happy to provide more information.


We believe every city can sustain a NeighborLink with the right leadership and support.

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Current Affiliates


We get approached by existing ministries and organizations frequently that align with our mission and want to leverage our technology to expand their efforts.

Rather than go through the expensive process of designing a similar website from scratch, we help them modify and integrate our website into their existing website or customize it to fit their needs. They already have an executive director, a board of directors, and a sustainability strategy.

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